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Programmes to build your staff's resilience
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Helping your staff build resilience, emotional intelligence and develop positive mindsets.

For the new environment we need resilient, resourceful and adaptable people in the workplace who can take initiative and be responsible and accountable.

I'm offering short workshops, and individual and group coaching programmes focused on all aspects of building resilience, emotional intelligence positive mindsets. They are all delivered online via Zoom.


The Coronavirus pandemic has created a huge degree of uncertainty for everyone, including:

•    Increased levels of stress and anxiety
•    Uncertainty about future business demand 
•    Worries about job security 
•    Performance management challenges 
•    Managing home working and transitions back to the office

Each of these issues can have a serious impact on your teams’ levels of resilience, energy, confidence and motivation.


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Different ways of thinking and working in the ‘new normal’ are essential. These Resilience and Emotional Intelligence workshops are designed to encourage participants to reflect on their own capacities, build their resilience and develop their thinking. I use a range of tools and models to explore the topics and learners will leave the session with ideas and actions to take forward. The workshops can be adapted for managers and team members. 

All workshop sessions:

  • are approx 2 hours long 

  • are interactive 

  • can be delivered to up to 20 

  • delivered via Zoom

  • are accompanied with slides and links for further reading.


" It was really useful to reflect on my thinking patterns and how this affects my behaviour. I've come away with lots of simple tips to improve things"

Contact me for more information, prices and availability.



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In the new workplace environment you need resilient and adaptable people.  These softer skills are ideally developed by individual or group coaching, and a reflective learning programme which adapts to the needs of the individual. 

Individual coaching is ideal for working on specific challenges and goals. It is solution focused and the coach and coachee work together, committing to actions after each session to move towards their goals.


5x 1 hour coaching sessions over 10 weeks

 via Zoom or telephone 

Group coaching focuses on the wider needs of the group or team. It’s a facilitated peer learning process which helps staff to be proactive, responsible and accountable to each other. Like individual coaching, this is always solution focused and each session generates actions for the participants to take forward. 


6x 90 minute sessions over 12 weeks 

via Zoom

Contact me for more information, prices and availability.


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