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A short coaching programme to help you take stock of where you are and set your goals for the future.
  • When was the last time you took stock of where you are and what you really want?

  • Do you make the same resolutions each year, only to break them after a couple of weeks?

  • Are you ready to make a positive change?

This programme offers you a coaching check-up. With a focus on your personal or professional life, this is an opportunity to take stock and set goals.

What do you get?

  • An audit questionnaire to complete and return before the coaching.

  • A 2 hour one-to-one coaching session (in person or over Skype).

  • Support to review and reflect on your questionnaire responses and to make lasting and realistic plans for the future.

  • Guidance to explore potential barriers and the motivational factors that will help you.

  • Your agreed goals and action plan as a poster that you can display as a reminder.

  • Tailored handouts and resources.

  • 2 email follow-ups to keep you on track.

  • 2 telephone check-ins after 2 weeks and a month.

  For more information and to book your free, no obligation call, get in touch.

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