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Frequently asked questions


What can I expect from coaching with Gayle?

Coaching is a partnership between us and every partnership is different. Whether working on an individual or group basis, we’ll explore and agree how we will work together. 

You do the hard work! And I’m with you all the way, listening and asking questions that help you open up your thinking and gain new insights that will help you move forward.  

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Individual Coaching - How does it work?

Get in touch - The first step is to get in touch and we’ll arrange a free, no obligation, ‘chemistry’ call to explore what you are looking to achieve, whether coaching is right for you and whether I’m the right coach for you. It’s important that we feel that we are the right fit to work together. If we decide to go ahead, great! If not, that’s fine too, I’d be happy to signpost you to other coaching colleagues who may be a better match. 

Running Tracks

Establish your starting point and coaching goals – Assuming we’ve decided to work together, I’ll ask you to complete my Where am I now? questionnaire to kick things off. This will encourage you to reflect on where you are now, tune in to your values and drivers and what you want to achieve from the coaching. This helps to give us a starting point for our first session.


Tailor a programme to suit your needs - We’ll confirm your coaching goals and how we are going to work together. We’ll tailor a programme to suit your needs, agreeing the number of sessions and frequency.  I usually work with clients, providing 4-6 coaching sessions over a period of a few months. Each session typically lasts between 60-90 mins. If you are working on long term change, it helps to have space and time between our sessions to take action and try out new ideas and approaches. I also offer one-off coaching sessions which can be useful for a specific short-term goal, for example preparing for an interview.


Book coaching sessions - We’ll book in sessions at mutually convenient times. The agenda is always led by you. As your coach, I’ll hold the space and manage the time. We’ll typically meet virtually, but I can also arrange to meet face2face if you prefer.

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Free coaching resources and tools – Where appropriate and if it’s helpful, I am happy to share tools, models and resources that may help you to open up your thinking or gain a new perspective on a subject. I’m also happy to recommend books and other resources. 

Over the course of a coaching programme, we may create your own bespoke resource pack to support your continued learning and act as a reminder of the work we have done together.


Experiment and play - Whilst we work together, I’ll encourage you to experiment, take risks, step outside of your comfort zone, be creative and playful. It is only through practising new approaches that we can work towards achieving meaningful and lasting change. 

To achieve goals you've never achieved before, you need to start doing things you've never done before.”  Stephen Covey


Notes and summary after each session - After each session, if it’s helpful to you, I can share a summary of the key points we discussed and a reminder of the actions you have agreed to take before our next session. 

Reflection – You will be learning and gaining insights during and between our coaching sessions.  With your agreement, I’ll send you reflection questions after each session and encourage you to keep a reflection journal so you can log your learning and progress between our sessions.

Review progress - We’ll review your coaching goals on a regular basis and note your progress. If at any stage you feel the coaching is not working, we can stop without obligation. Any outstanding fees will be returned.  


Group and Team Coaching  - How does it work?

My group and team coaching sessions are like individual sessions but in a group! 
The groups are typically based around a specific theme or subject area and can be commissioned by organisations. 
In the recent past I have run a series of group coaching sessions for managers and staff across an organisation to support them with the transition to virtual and then hybrid working. I have also worked with teams who are going through a restructure of roles.  


Occasionally I run group coaching on specific subject areas like building resilience or transitions. These programmes can be commissioned by organisations or accessed on an individual basis.   
Group coaching sessions are also confidential within the group, everyone has space to talk and share and we learn from each other. As the coach, I manage the time and the process and may also offer some content to start us off and keep us on theme. 

The same stages apply to group coaching as individual coaching and sessions can be delivered virtually or in person. We would typically allow 2-3 hours for a group coaching session. 


Can we have contact between sessions?

Within reason I am happy to have contact between our sessions and to be your accountable partner. Within group coaching sessions we may set up a What’s App group or other forum to share between sessions. Within individual coaching, we may agree to check in with each other via text between sessions. We’ll discuss this when we explore and agree how we want to work together. 


How much does it cost?

Coaching fees will vary depending on your needs and location and how we agree to work together. Once we've had an initial conversation, I'll confirm the costs of your bespoke coaching programme. I'm happy to offer monthly payment plans. 


Where will it take place?

I work across the UK and meet most of my clients virtually via Zoom or Teams. I'm also happy to meet in person and visit workplaces. 

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What’s the next step? 
Get in touch and let's have an exploratory call to see if we want to work together 

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